Episode 32: Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen

In this episode we connect with Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen. Ulcca reminds us that if we want to look forward and change this system, we must start by first looking back and understanding how we got here. She shares her knowledge about the history of our educational system and we explore how that history has left so many students with the belief that they are not smart. Ulcca also highlights that we must focus on our sphere of influence and not be afraid to make changes in the systems we directly work in. 

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Episode 31: Carrie Mueller

In today’s episode we connect with Carrie Mueller, the State Director for Best Buddies Iowa, as well as Gavin and Natasha, a Best Buddies pair. Carrie highlights why inclusion matters in schools and reminds us that everyone needs a friend. Gavin and Natasha share how Best Buddies has changed their lives and how focusing on fostering relationships has the potential to truly change the world.

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Episode 30: Dr. Stuart Ablon

In today’s episode we sit down with Dr. Stuart Ablon. Dr. Ablon highlights the importance of empathy when trying to understand where behaviors are coming from. When the system is exhausted and stressed, a vulnerability exists to shift into highly punitive and compliant based consequences. Dr. Ablon teaches us that the issue many of us are facing with our students is that there is a large gap between the skills they are showing up with versus the expectations they are required to meet.

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Episode 29: Student Voices

Welcome to Season 2 of Education Suspended! In our first episode of the new season we sit down and talk with the students of AUL Denver. They share their experiences and stories as students and highlight how important a personalized approach is to education. The students address what they would change about our educational system to make it truly equitable and have a consistent theme about the power of relationships in the learning environment.

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Episode 28: Karynecia Conner

In our final episode of Season One we connect with Karynecia Conner. We explore the world of Urban Education and discuss how important it is to develop an appreciation for the dynamic wealth of knowledge students bring into the classroom. Karynecia shares with us different activities she uses when teaching teachers and challenges us to start becoming uncomfortable and acknowledge we are all on a learning curve.

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Episode 27: April Prescott

In this episode we have a great conversation with April Prescott about the benefits of mindfulness in the learning environment. April highlights how mindfulness promotes a contemplative lens and a sense of curiosity, both which are so important in the learning process. She shares that while strategic “mindful moments” during the day are helpful, a true mindful classroom is one that doesn’t have planned moments and functions in the moments as they come. We also dive into the question “what does it really mean to educate a child?”

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Episode 26: Dr. Sarah Bexell

In today’s episode we connect with Dr. Sarah Bexell. Sarah teaches us about Humane Education and how it can promote equity in education and create safety within our relationships with humans, animals, and the environment. We explore the role attachment to place has on students and how it influences us. We also highlight how attachment to place can strengthen attunement and in turn promote learning. Sarah shares that teaching students to understand the need for individual personal care for all living things can have significant influences on their social and emotional growth.

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Episode 24: Chris Joffe

In this episode we connect with Chris Joffe. Since Covid-19, our schools have seen an increase in risk assessments and we talk about what needs to be the focus as we continue to plan for our recovery. Chris highlights why working the whole community is so powerful. Themes of connection and relationships are paramount to him and his company as they train schools from that perspective and he explains why that matters. We also dive into the idea of having “connection assessments” instead of “risk assessments.

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Episode 23: Lindsay Young

In this episode we sit down with poet, Lindsay Young, and explore all the ways poetry can come alive in the classroom and the benefits it brings. Lindsay highlights how poetry is an amazing creative outlet for students. It can support students in working through their emotions and stories by attaching them to words and providing a space for reflection. We also connect how this medium can enhance the learning environment and provide ways teachers can begin using this medium in their classroom.

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