Episode 18: Ignacio Rodriguez Jr.

In this episode, we dive into why teaching the science behind brain breaks, calm corners, etc. matters with Ignacio Rodriguez Jr. He shares his own personal journey and how that impacts the work he does today and inspires him to create a strong sense of community within his classroom, school, and community. Ignacio also highlights the importance of paying attention to words we use to describe students and behaviors.

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Episode 17: Dr. Helen Lees

In this interview we sit down with Dr. Helen E. Lees and explore the role silence can play in education to enhance the learning environment and give agency back to our students. Our schools and classrooms are so loud, and bringing moments of prescriptive silence has such capacity to create an optimal educational setting.

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Episode 14: Dr. Jermaine Kennedy

As the Director of Education at the Homeless Families Foundation, Dr. Jermaine Kennedy is responsible for developing positive youth enrichment programming for marginalized and vulnerable youth. He also cultivates partnerships with community leaders, organizations, and agencies to share community knowledge and current needs in the nonprofit sector to educate young people and provide stability for families.

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Episode 13: Dr. Stephanie McCall & Caitlin Long

RE/SCRIPTED came to be when Dr. Stephanie McCall and Caitlin found the opportunity to try something new and enact the ideas they conjured together many years ago. Stephanie and Caitlin met at Teachers College, Columbia University, and discovered they had many shared investments in gender-specific education and a shared urgency for more critical and feminist thinking in curricular spaces. Each had many years of teaching, learning and leading in single-sex schools, pro-girl non-profits, health and sexuality programming, and non-profit community education. Inspired by their deep networks of feminist accomplices and mentors, they decided to build this feminist education consulting practice. RE/SCRIPTED has long been in the making.

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Episode 12: Luke Graner

Luke is the founder of Be Rhythmic, a program and philosophy focused on creating and teaching simple, engaging, rhythmic practices and regulation strategies. We may not all be musically gifted, but Luke believes we can all learn to Be Rhythmic. He has created an ever expanding series of rhythm patterns and interactive activities to help promote regulation and learning through repetition, movement and expression for children, teens, adults, parents, and educators.

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Episode 11: Jamila Gordon

Jamila Gordon is in her 15th year in education and is serving her community as an Assistant Principal at Boston P-8 in Aurora Public Schools. Throughout her years working with youth, families and communities, Jamila has served as a Juvenile Detention Officer, School Counselor, Mental Health Specialist and most recently as a System Support Specialist in the APS Division of Equity in Learning.

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Episode 9: Bobbi Jene Smith

Bobbi Jene Smith is a part-time faculty member at the Juilliard School in New York City, and guest teaching at NYU and UArts. In 2017 she became a founding member of the American Modern Opera Company (AMOC).The documentary Bobbi Jene which follows her trajectory of leaving a dance company to create her own work, swept the Tribeca Film Festival, winning best documentary, best cinematography, and best editing in 2017.

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