Episode 13: Dr. Stephanie McCall & Caitlin Long

Student Driven Curriculum

hosted by: Jessica Pfeiffer & Steve Graner

About our guest:

RE/SCRIPTED came to be when Dr. Stephanie McCall and Caitlin found the opportunity to try something new and enact the ideas they conjured together many years ago. Stephanie and Caitlin met at Teachers College, Columbia University. Caitlin was studying for a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching when she met Stephanie, an instructor and doctoral candidate in the department of Curriculum and Teaching at the time. Appropriately, they met the semester Caitlin took the Designing Curriculum and Instruction course that Stephanie was teaching. It did not take long before Caitlin and Stephanie discovered they had many shared investments in gender-specific education and a shared urgency for more critical and feminist thinking in curricular spaces. Each had many years of teaching, learning and leading in single-sex schools, pro-girl non-profits, health and sexuality programming, and non-profit community education. During their two years and many conversations and courses together (and many micheladas), they found themselves weaving their experiences as a practitioner and researcher in gender-salient spaces, dancing between theory and practice, and dreaming of working together one day. Inspired by their deep networks of feminist accomplices and mentors, they decided to build this feminist education consulting practice. RE/SCRIPTED has long been in the making.

Learn more at www.re-scripted.com