Episode 67: Shawn Sorbsy

Thinking Slowly and Wisely

hosted by: Jessica Pfeiffer & Steve Graner

About our guest:

Welcome to the last episode of 2023! I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Break. In this episode we sit down with Coach Shawn Sorsby, the Founder and Executive Director of A Step Ahead Chess. What a fantastic way to close out 2023. Coach Sorsby is so inspiring and the way he is changing student’s lives through chess is amazing. He highlights that losses are lessons and that we should run towards failure in an attempt to continue growing. Coach Sorsby also reminds us that the brain is a muscle and must be worked out in different ways for optimal learning to happen. Through his own story he connects the power of joy in education that we wish for all students. Coach Shawn Sorsby is an award winning Math Teacher and Chess Coach. Sorsby is the Founder & Executive Director of A Step Ahead Chess, a nonprofit organization that creates life changing experiences for young chess players by exposing them to international travel and competition, and enriching their lives with chess lessons on the board and life lessons off the board.

Visit astepaheadchess.org for more info