Episode 41: Jase Williams

Today we connect with Jase Williams, the Principal of Henry Hill School in New Zealand. Jase begins the episode by honoring his Māori culture and acknowledging his ancestors that are a part of him and his journey. He highlights four specific things he did to change his classrooms and school and says that for us to change this archaic system of education, we must step away from the system and move outside the box.

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Episode 40: Jen Jackson

In today’s episode we connect with Jen Jackson, the Principal at AUL Denver. Jen brings so much insightfulness to our discussion and provides concrete examples of what it looks like to change the system to support our teachers. She reminds us how important joy is for learning and why we must have a deep well of grace to be successful. Jen also challenges all of us to move into advocacy, not just for the students we serve, but for all kids.

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Episode 39: Stephanie Brown

In today’s episode we sit down and connect with Stephanie Brown. She sets us up with great takeaways as we move into a new school year. Stephanie talks about why focusing on teachers matters and how that in turn impacts our students. As a counselor, turned principal, turned district leader, she comes from a strong relational lens, and uses strategies as a leader that she used as a teacher.

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Episode 37: Jack Ludlam

Today we sit down with Jack Ludlam, an amazing photographer who shares his story with us. Jack’s experience as a student is one that is so familiar for so many students, they want to go North when the system is trying to push them in a different direction. He reminds us that imagery is part of learning, we’ve been using it for millenia to show our experiences and emotions. Jack gives us different examples for how we can use photography to continue to help our students tell their stories and encourage learning.

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Episode 35: Jaci McCormack

In today’s episode we sit down with Jaci McCormack, the Chief Executive Officer of Rise Above. Jaci shares with us her own personal story as a student and how it inspired her to create a non-profit that gives Native youth the opportunity to write their own futures. She identifies that it’s so hard to teach students when we don’t know where they come from and that we must remember that some students show up to school who are just surviving. Jaci reminds us that we must focus on creating relationships and meeting kids where they are at.

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Episode 34: Rachel Parker

In this episode we connect with Rachel Parker, an Assistant Principal from Colorado. She dives into the vulnerabilities that exist for students and teachers by working within a system that has siloed the SEL and academic world. Rachel reminds us that the inequity that exists in education is trauma, and so many families have been without a voice for years. She shares so many stories with us from her experiences and encourages all of us to use our authentic self in our area of practice.

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Episode 32: Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen

In this episode we connect with Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen. Ulcca reminds us that if we want to look forward and change this system, we must start by first looking back and understanding how we got here. She shares her knowledge about the history of our educational system and we explore how that history has left so many students with the belief that they are not smart. Ulcca also highlights that we must focus on our sphere of influence and not be afraid to make changes in the systems we directly work in. 

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