Episode 54: Dr. Monica McHale-Small

Harnessing Student Strengths

hosted by: Jessica Pfeiffer & Steve Graner

About our guest:

In this episode we sit down and connect with Dr. Monica McHale-Small. Monica shares with us her experience as a Superintendent and how that has impacted her lens on the larger educational system. She highlights the importance of supporting the whole child; especially when thinking about students with specific learning disabilities. Monica also talks us through the challenges that come with navigating the special education realm as a parent.

Dr. McHale-Small is an Adjunct , Associate Professor of School Psychology at Temple University and the Director of Education for the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Dr. McHale-Small has long advocated bringing sound research into practice in public schools and advocates for responsible inclusion and equity for historically underserved students including racially, culturally and linguistically diverse students and students with disabilities. She co-founded the Greater Lehigh Valley Consortium for Equity and Excellence and she currently consults with the ACLU of Pennsylvania on School to Prison Pipeline issues.