Episode 22: Dr. Matt Dewar

The Behavior of Breathing

hosted by: Jessica Pfeiffer & Steve Graner

About our guests:

Today we connect with Dr. Matt Dewar and dive into why social emotional learning is necessary to create an optimal learning environment. Matt highlights how breathwork can help teachers prompt regulation in their classrooms. Our brains are always learning and changing, due to neuroplasticity, and ensuring they are at a place learning can happen is virtually important. We also explore why it feels that schools and districts are always in problem solving mode.  

Dr. Dewar teaches educators how to Transform Stress into Strength™ through research-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence protocols. Motivated by his own personal struggle with anxiety as a young adult and informed by almost two decades of teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence in schools, Matt’s message is simple: Through increased awareness, knowledge, and skill, you have the ability to transform stress and adversity into emotional strength and resilience. He is also the author of The Mindful Breathing Workbook for Teens (2021) and Education and Well-Being: An Ontological Inquiry (2016).