Episode 64: Becky Arndt

In today’s new episode we talk with Becky Arndt, who is a Drama Teacher in the Racine, Wisconsin Public School System. Becky shares with us her Actors Tool Box and connects ways we can utilize those tools in other areas of education. She highlights the importance of environments that foster student strengths and belonging. Becky also talks about the important role Specials’ teachers play in education. Becky is a product of the Racine Unified School District and a third generation educator. She is in her eighteenth year teaching and is a strong believer in the power that the arts have on student growth.

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Episode 63: Dr. Mark Gooden, PhD

In today’s episode of Education Suspended we connect with Dr. Mark Gooden, PhD., who is the Christian Johnson Endeavor Professor in Education Leadership and Chair of the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Gooden talks about the barriers that exist in our ability in education to retain strong teachers of color. He highlights the power of education to be the passport to the future, and how that leads to an obligation for us to make the system better for future generations.

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Episode 62: Micaela DeSimone

Today we connect with Micaela DeSimone, who works in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Boston University. Micaela shares with us her experience as an educator and the impact burnout had on her. Her story is powerful, shedding light on the experience of so many in education. Micaela highlights steps needed to begin repairing the relationship between our educational system and our educators.

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Episode 61: Joe Mainlander – Okee Dokee Brothers

Welcome back to Education Suspended! Today we kick off Season 4 with a wonderful interview with Joe Mailander of the Okee Dokee Brothers. The Okee Dokee Brothers’ music focuses on community and harmony; we explore the importance of those two elements in our schools. Joe highlights the need for exploration, curiosity, and slowness in education. He reminds us that sometimes in order to learn we have to empty out first, unlearn, in order to learn again.

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